Clearing a space

Postcolonial readings of modern Indonesian literature

Foulcher, Keith and Tony Day (editors)

This collection draws together the work of authors from Indonesia, Australia, North America, and Europe, in the first comprehensive attempt to relate modern Indonesian literature to the insights and approaches of postcolonial theory and literary criticism.

The essays in the collection range over the history of modern Indonesian literature from its beginnings in the late nineteenth century to its diversity and growth in the 1990s. Some offer the fresh readings of well-known texts; others draw attention to aspects of the Indonesian literary tradition that have hitherto escaped the notice of scholars and critics. Grounded in detailed analysis of local contexts, yet enlivened by comparative and theoretical perspectives, the collection places Indonesian literature at the heart of contemporary cultural concerns.

Tony Day and Keith Foulcher: Postcolonial readings in modern Indonesian literature
Doris Jedamski: Popular literature and postcolonial subjectives; Robinson Crusoe, the Count of Monte Christo, and Sherlock Holmes in colonial Indonesia
Paul Tickell: Love in a time of colonialism; Race and romance in an early Indonesian novel
Henk Maier: Stammer and the creaking door; The Malay writings of Pramoedya Ananta Toer
Keith Foulcher: Dissolving into elsewhere; Mimicry and ambivalence in Marah Rusli's
Sitti Nurbaya
Thomas Hunter: Indo as other; Identity, anxiety, and ambiguity in Salah Asuhan
Barbara Hatley: Postcoloniality and the feminine in modern Indonesian literature
Goenawan Mohamad: Forgetting; poetry and the nation, a motif in Indonesian literary modernism after 1945
Tony Day: Between eating and shitting; Figures of intimacy, storytelling, and isolation in some early tales by Pramoedya Ananta Toer
Melani Budianta: In the margin of the capital; From Tjerita Boedjang Bingoeng to Si Doel anak sekolahan
Marshall Clark: Smells of something like postmodernism; Emha Ainun Nadjib's rewriting of the Mahabharata
Michael Bodden: Satuan-satuan kecil and uncomfortable improvisations in the late night of the New Order; Democratization, postmodernism, and postcoloniality
Will Derks: Sastra pedalaman; Local and regional centres in Indonesia
Ward Keeler: Durga/Umayi and the postcolonialist dilemma.