Henk Schulte Nordholt


Professor Henk Schulte Nordholt (1953) has coordinated the KITLV research programme ‘Renegotiating boundaries: access agency and identity in post-Soeharto Indonesia’. He is head of the research department of KITLV.

Schulte Nordholt studied history at the VU University in Amsterdam, from which he graduated in 1980 (cum laude). In 1988 he obtained his PhD degree (cum laude) in social sciences at the Free University with a thesis on the history of the political system on the island of Bali (Indonesia). He taught anthropology and Asian history at the University of Amsterdam from 1985 until 2005. From 1999 until 2007 he was IIAS professor of Asian History at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Since 2007 he is KITLV professor of Southeast Asian Studies at the VU University in Amsterdam.

Schulte Nordholt’s main fields of research include Balinese history, political violence, the anthropology of colonialism, and contemporary politics in Indonesia.Currently he coordinates a large Dutch Indonesian research program “Governance, markets and citizens” 2013-2016, which is sponsored by the Scientific Program Indonesia – Netherlands (SPIN)

Schulte Nordholt has published 70 articles and 20 books and is a regular guest on Dutch television and radio programmes about the Indonesian political situation.

2010-2013: Coordinator NWO sponsored research programme ‘Articulating Modernity: Popular Music in Southeast Asia.’
2007-2010: Director of KNAW sponsored research programme ‘In Search of Middle Indonesia.’
2001- 2004: Coordinator Indonesian Dutch research programme, ‘Indonesia in transition’ which was sponsored by the KNAW/Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Recording the Future


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Selected Publications

A substantial number of these publications are available as PDF-files on

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PDF-document: Dams_and_Dynasty.pdf

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