Our Members Association

Who we are 
The Members Association Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde (KITLV) is an international network organization based in Leiden, the Netherlands. Its aims are to encourage research on Southeast Asia and the Caribbean and the dissemination of knowledge of these regions. You can find the latest news about us on Facebook and in our Newsletter.

Now more than ever
Although the KITLV dates back to 1851, it is now more than ever that our efforts are needed. Outside Southeast Asia, many a reseach institution, museum or library faces challenges caused by the recent changes in governmental funding policies. Especially the institutions related to post-colonial studies have been hit hard. The KITLV strives to keep Southeast Asian and Caribean studies on the academic agenda.

What we do

• The KITLV is the owner of a large and unique scientific collection on Southeast Asia en the Caribes. Since 2014, is it kept at the Leiden University Library.

• We actively engage in acquiring unique material for our collection through the Special Acquisition Fund. Furthermore, we accept bequests and gifts in the form of unique publications, archives or photos. Read more about this in the act of donation (schenkingsakte) (only in Dutch).

• We subsidize research in several ways. First, the KITLV institute is given a yearly financial contribution. Next, through the Dr. Silvia W. de Groot Fund we financially support young Caribbean students or researchers with their research on Caribbean history or culture. The two-yearly Professor Teeuw Award that is given to a person with special merits in the cultural field involves a grant as well.

• Two scholarly journals are published by Brill Publishers in cooperation with KITLV Press: Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences of Southeast Asia and Oceania (BKI) and the New West Indian Guide (NWIG). In addition, each year around five new titles appear in Brill/KITLV Press series. A KITLV Open Acces Fund makes it possible that important scholarly publications become widely available through the internet.

• The KITLV organizes seminars, lectures and cultural events that are open to the general public. We also regularly subsidize events that are organized by external parties that work in line with the aims of the KITLV.

• Statutes of the Vereniging / Members Association KITLV …>>

Member Survey

Share your ideas and help us!

The members association wishes to improve the way it works to attain its goals. You can help us, whether you are a member or not. Please share ideas by answering our questions in the survey below and help us to put Southeast Asia and the Caribbean more prominently on the research agenda.
Questions 3 and 4 pertain to members only; non-members can enter ‘not applicable’.


The KITLV collection comprises around a million – largely post-colonial – books and special collections. The special collections contains Oriental and Western manuscripts & archives, 200.000 photographs, picture postcards, prints & drawings, maps & atlases, old & rare books and 150,000 digitised from Indonesia, Suriname and the Antilles. Outside Indonesia itself, the collection is generally considered to hold the world’s largest and best collection of written documents on and from Indonesia.

Join us and become a member

Support our work and become a member. In return you receive free access to the KITLV and Leiden University Library collections, significant discounts on all Brill Publishers/KITLV Press publications and selected Brill publications, and a printed edition (optional) of one of our two academic journals (Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde and New West Indian Guide).


KITLV Publications are all the books published by Brill Academic Publishers in collaboration with KITLV. Only members of our Learned Society are able to order their books through KITLV. In addition to the usual discount on KITLV books, members will receive a 25% discount on all books published by Brill. In addition, KITLV members can order a MyBook version of KITLV books. For more information on Mybook, see ‘Membership’.


The activities of the Learned Society are closely linked to those of the Institute and are directed towards both members and non-members. Besides an Annual Meeting, activities like seminars, book launches, talks, or movie presentations are regularly held.

Dr. Silvia W. de Groot Fund

The late Dr Silvia W. de Groot, historian and lifetime honorary member of the Learned Society, left a legacy to KITLV with the aim of financially supporting young Caribbean students or researchers, preferably of Maroon descent, with their research on Caribbean history or culture. An annual amount of € 10,000 is available to be spread over one or several applicants. The treasurer of the Learned Society is in charge of the financial management of the fund.

Professor Teeuw Fund

The Professor Teeuw Foundation was set up in 1991, under the auspices of the Members Association KITLV, at the occasion of Professor Hans Teeuw’s retirement from the government-funded Indonesian Studies Programme. With the Professor Teeuw Award, the Foundation expresses its appreciation of the many shared, mutual and diverging cultural initiatives, in which Indonesian and Dutch culture meet, merge and/or influence each other.

Open Access Fund

The Members Association has a fund to finance Open Access publications in the KITLV series Verhandelingen and Caribbean Series, published by Brill Publishers in cooperation with KITLV. An annual maximum amount of € 20.000 is available to be spread over several applicants. For more information, please contact us at ln.vl1500654948tik@v1500654948ltik1500654948.

The Board of the Members Association

The Board exists of seven enthousiastic academics from universities and museums in the Netherlands. The Board is structurally involved in a number of committees dealing with the former KITLV Press at Brill Publishers, KITLV research programs and acquisition. And each year, the Board organizes a number of activities for members and the broader public, such as workshops, films screenings and seminars. You can reach the Board by contacting the Association’s Secretary, drs. Y. Siegers-Samaniri: ln.vl1500654948tik@v1500654948ltik1500654948.

The Honorary Members of the Members Association

The Members Association has 8 honorary members, who have made distinctive contributions to the study of Southeast Asia and the Caribbean: prof.dr. Taufiq Abdullah, prof.dr. H.J.M. Claessen, prof.dr. R. Price, prof.dr. S. Price, prof.dr. M. Ricklefs, prof.dr. R. Schefold, prof.dr. J.W. Schoorl and prof.dr. H.A. Sutherland.

You can join us and become a member. We also welcome bequests and gifts either monetary or in kind (unique publications, archives or photos).
Join us and become a member
With your membership you support us to keep the study of Southeast Asia and the Caribbean on the academic agenda.
If you wish to donate unique publications, archives or photos, please contact Dr. Doris Jedamski, curator South & Southeast Asian manuscripts and printed works, Leiden University Library: ln.vi1500654948nuned1500654948iel.y1500654948rarbi1500654948l@iks1500654948madej1500654948.a.d1500654948