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Horii, MsL Hoko

Hoko Horii is a PhD researcher at KITLV and Van Vollenhoven Institute(2016). Her research tries to understand the reasons behind the persisting gap between international human rights standards and social practice regarding child marriage in Indonesia, focusing on the co-existence of conflicting norms within the Indonesian legal system.

Hoko received her bachelor degree in Law (2013) at Keio University, and her master degree in Comparative Law (2015) at Nagoya University, both in Japan. For her master thesis, she conducted interviews with judges and collected data in religious courts in West Java. These data shows that judges often refer to zinah in their reasoning for granting official marriage status to underage marriages, by citing Islamic law. By doing so, judges try to protect girls from the psychological and social sufferings cause by out-of-wedlock pregnancy.

Besides her study, she has worked on several development projects in Jakarta (Indonesia), Cebu (the Philippines) and Yangon (Myanmar). Before starting her PhD, she also has worked as a research assistant in the Center for Asian Legal Exchange (Nagoya, Japan), and in Van Vollenhoven Institute.

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