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Mika, Dr. Kasia

Kasia Mika is a postdoctoral researcher in Comparative Caribbean studies at KITLV. During the fellowship she will be working on a book monograph, Postcolonial Disasters: The 2010 Haiti Earthquake and the Limits of Narrative, which situates itself at the intersection of Caribbean studies, postcolonial disaster studies and environmental humanities, offering an interdisciplinary and multilingual inquiry into notions of ‘disaster’, ‘reconstruction’ and ‘recovery’.

In addition, Kasia will be developing her new research project, Disasters on Display, on memorialisation of natural disasters across postcolonial contexts. The project hopes to analyse a number of cultural archives (museums, memorials, memorial parks, digital databases) marked in different ways by natural disasters. It aims to interrogate the contrasting roles and functions of these sites in the context of the increasingly frequent natural disasters as well as a sense of growing ‘memorial mania’ (Bourke, 2013).

Before coming to KITLV, Kasia was a short-term Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Leeds Humanities Research Institute where she worked on a chapter on virtual dark tourism as well as a biographical article for The Literary Encyclopedia on the life and works of Edwidge Danticat. Kasia also taught introductory and option courses in contemporary and postcolonial literature and literary criticism  at the University of Leeds. She is the recipient of Haitian Studies Emerging Scholars Award (Haitian Studies Association, 2015). Kasia’s wider research interests include postcolonial disaster studies, Haitian and Caribbean studies and environmental humanities. She welcomes offers of collaboration from fellow academics in the fields, activists and advocacy groups.

Kasia has a PhD from the School of English (University of Leeds) entitled ‘The 2010 Haitian Earthquake: Disaster and the Limits of Narrative.’ In it, she analysed narrative responses in French and English to the 2010 Haitian earthquake, situating her inquiry at the intersection of Haitian studies, postcolnial disaster studies and narrative theory.

She is the current Web Officer for the Postcolonial Studies Association, volunteers with the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH, Boston), and contributes to the Haiti Elections Blog. In her free time she’s improving her Creole. She tweets on all matters postcolonial and Haiti-related at @kasiamika1.

Selected Publications

(with) Edwidge Danticat’, The Literary Encyclopedia, 16 August 2016.

‘Despite Mandatory Quotas, Women are Exceedingly Underrepresented among 2015 Electoral Candidates’, Haiti Elections Blog, 12 June 2015.

(with Elizabeth Watkins), ‘Leaving a Mark: Public Engagement, Creativity, and Learning’, Birmingham Journal of Language and Literature 6:67-69, 2014.

‘Histories of the Past, Histories for the Future: Representing the Past and Writing for the Future in Rodney Saint-Éloi’s Haïti, kenbe la!’, Journal of Haitian Studies, 20-2:4-19, 2014.

‘Recovery Foreclosed: History, Landscape, and Personal Intervention’, in: Sandra Marquez Stathis, Rubble: The Search for a Haitian BoyMoving Worlds: Catastrophe and Environment 14-2, 2014.

‘Mosaic of Ashes: Poetic Responses to 9/1’,  Aspeers 6:85-108, 2013.

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