Adriana, Rebekha

Rebekha Adriana is a research intern working on ‘Seeing is believing: Female Islamic leadership and visual rhetoric in Southeast Asia’ research project under the supervision of Dr. David Kloos. She will assist the project by analyzing images of female islamic authority in Malaysian print media. She is currently completing a master degree in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at Leiden University. For her master thesis, she focuses on Indonesian diaspora in the Netherlands and their enthusiasm and sense of participation in Indonesia’s 2019 election. Her research interests include digital anthropology, media, and gender.

Bent, Maarten van der

Maarten van der Bent is a research assistant in the project ‘Decolonisation, violence and war in Indonesia, 1945 -1950’. He will assist the ‘Regional Studies’ project and will focus on the region of East-Java under the supervision of dr. Hans Meijer. He has previously been involved in the project as an intern. Maarten holds a Master of Science in Political Science from VU University Amsterdam and a Master of Arts in Cultural Anthropology from Uppsala University. While his anthropological research is focused on the Ndyuka Maroons of Suriname, he has a broad interest in the history and anthropology of the peoples of both the Dutch East and West Indies.

Coops, Sebastiaan

Sebastiaan Coops is a research intern who will assist Grace Leksana with her project titled ‘Complexities of Remembering: Memory of 1965 Violence in Rural East Java’. His research concerns the agrarian history in rural East Java and focuses on the Kali Tello coffee plantation and its labour conditions. Sebastiaan completed two masters in Asian Studies and Global and Colonial Histories at Leiden University. He is specialized in nineteenth century colonial history and has written three theses on Chinese-Indonesian identity, colonial collecting and colonial education policy.

Devi, Desak Made Laksmi

Desak Laksmi is a research intern for the project “Palm oil conflicts: Access to justice in Indonesia” under the supervision of Dr. Ward Berenschot. She is currently doing a master in International Relations and Diplomacy at Leiden University. Laksmi will assist the research by collecting and documenting conflicts related to the palm oil industry that happened in West Sumatra. Her interest in conflict management and international relations has led to her participation in this project.

Franke, Fynn-Niklas

Fynn-Niklas Franke is a Research Assistant with the ‘Decolonisation, Violence and War in Indonesia, 1945-1950’. He is currently finalizing his Master in International Relations at Leiden University and has an undergraduate background in Southeast Asian Studies. His research interest includes the role of religion in politics, especially with regard to Islam in Indonesia. For his MA thesis, he analyzed Indonesia’s terrorism prevention discourse and its implications for state-civil society cooperation.

Hek, Koen de

Koen de Hek is a research intern who assists Ward Berenschot with his project ‘Palm Oil Conflicts: Access to Justice in Indonesia’. He is currently enrolled in the bachelor South and Southeast Asian Studies at Leiden University and has already completed a bachelor International Relations and Organizations at the same university. During his internship, he will mainly do research on palm oil conflicts in Central Kalimantan. He is mainly interested in the relationship between politics and economics in developing countries.

Juwita, Cecilia

Cecilia Juwita is an intern for the project ”Palm oil conflicts: Access to justice in Indonesia’ under the supervision of Dr. Ward Berenschot. She is a master student at Wageningen University majoring Development and Rural Innovation. Cecilia has a background in food technology and is interested to learn more on palm oil, not only the top chemical attributes but also the social impact it carried along.

Narendra, Ariq

Ariq Narendra is an intern in the project ‘Palm oil conflicts: Access to justice in Indonesia’ under the supervision of Dr. Ward Berenschot. He is currently studying Management of International Social Challenges at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Ariq supports the project by collecting and coding newspaper archives and case documentations from different provinces in Indonesia. Ariq is interested in public governance. It is his ambition to become a policy advisor.

Rijken, Nuno

Nuno Rijken is an intern for the project ‘Places, Memory, and History: Revisiting the History of Indonesian Students in Leiden’ under the supervision of Grace Leksana and Marieke Bloembergen. He has a background in film- and literary studies and is currently following the MA Asian studies program at Leiden University. Nuno’s interest in Dutch-Indonesian history and heritage has led to his involvement in the project. He will work on researching visual collections and reviewing narratives.

Tarisa, Melita

Melita Tarisa is an intern for the project ‘Leiden Sites of Colonial and Postcolonial Memory’ under the supervision of Grace Leksana and Marieke Bloembergen. She has a background in psychology and recently graduated from the master’s programme in Child & Education Studies at Leiden University. Her interest and enthusiasm to know more of the Dutch-Indonesian history led her to participate in the project.

Wisselink, Daanjan

Daanjan will assist KITLV researchers Esther Captain and Onno Sinke with archival work for research on the Bersiap period, part of the ‘Decolonization, violence and war in Indonesia, 1945-1950’ research programme. Daanjan is currently enrolled in the masters programme Cultural History of Modern Europe at the Utrecht University. His research interests lie in (post)colonial memory, remembrance and identity. His thesis focuses on the influence of the construction of the Ambonese as a martial race.


This page lists, in alphabetical order, the interns currently working at the KITLV/Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies.

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