Internship (2): Islamic Youth Literature and Female Authorship in Malaysia

This internship is part of the NWO-funded research project, “Seeing is Believing: Female Islamic Leadership and Visual Rhetoric in Southeast Asia”, which combines historical, anthropological and visual methods to study the communication styles of female Islamic authorities in Malaysia and Indonesia. The aim is to analyze a collection of writings by female popular preachers in Malaysia, with a focus on the work of Fatima Syarha. This internship will contribute to the analysis of her  work, in the context of the study of Islamic youth culture and female authorship more generally.

Intern’s duties
Part of a new generation of Malaysian celebrity preachers, Fatima Syarha’s success is grounded in her popularity as a writer, especially among young women. The intern will start with a close reading of (a part of) her work, mapping and reporting on key themes, narratives, concepts, opinions, and stylistic devices. S/he will continue by making strategic comparisons with other expressions and media performances (television and social media, interviews, magazines, etc.), as well as the work of other Malaysian and Indonesian popular preachers and writers. The intern is expected to work independently, under the supervision of and in collaboration with, Dr. David Kloos.

Reads Malay or Indonesian. MA student, preferably in History, Anthropology, Literature, Islamic Studies, Cultural Studies, Media Studies, or a related field.

Internship period
The internship will take place at KITLV, for a period of at least three months, two or three days per week (credits may be earned in consultation with the student’s university). The internship will start as soon as possible.

 KITLV offers:

  • The opportunity to gain working experience at an internationally renowned research institute;
  • The opportunity to expand your academic network and to present your results at a research meeting;
  • A remuneration of EUR 180 gross per month (based on three days per week) and, if needed, reimbursement of travel expenses.

More information
For more information, please contact David Kloos: ln.vl1547823233tik@s1547823233oolk1547823233

Please send an application, outlining your motivation, to David Kloos (ln.vl1547823233tik@s1547823233oolk1547823233) before February 1, 2019.

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