Ferdinand, Dr. Malcom

Dr. Malcom Ferdinand is a postdoctoral researcher in political science at KITLV. His research draws on the fields of political philosophy, political ecology and postcolonial theory. As part of the Confronting Caribbean Challenges project, Malcom conducts comparative research on the Dutch Antilles and other small-scale, non-sovereign territories in the Caribbean, as well as other parts of the world. He explores the extent to which contemporary relationships with the respective metropolitan powers shape local political conflicts, affect modes of governance, and impact current ecological preservation efforts.

Malcom obtained his PhD (summa cum laude) in political science and political philosophy at the Université Paris Diderot in 2016 with a dissertation on contemporary ecological conflicts in the Caribbean. Through empirical research on four islands (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti and Puerto Rico), Malcom examined the way current ecological conflicts bring to the fore demands of social and environmental justice from the inhabitants, who criticize the current political relationship with the metropolitan power. Combining historical, sociological and literary approaches, Malcom has developed a theory of Caribbean postcolonial ecological thought, one that articulates the imperative of nature and cultural heritage preservation and political claims of equality.

Selected Publications

‘Living in contaminated land: Struggle for a decolonial environmental justice in contemporary Martinique and Guadeloupe’, in: Actes de colloque ‘International Colloquium on Heritage and Rights of Indigenous Peoples’. Leiden: University of Leiden, forthcoming.

‘Ecology, identity, and colonialism in Martinique: The discourse of an ecological NGO (1980-2011)”, in: Campbell, C. & Niblett, M. (eds.), The Caribbean Aesthetics, World-Ecology, Politics. Liverpool: Liverpool University  Press, 2016.

‘La littérature pour penser l’écologie postcoloniale caribéenne’, Multitudes: Parler nature 3-60: 65-71. 2015.
DOI 10.3917/mult.060.0065.