Modernist Networks: Art, Decolonization and the Cold War in Indonesia

In 2021, the first Atelier KITLV fellow, Kerstin Winking, will conduct preparatory research and further develop the exhibition proposal, ‘Modernist Networks: Art, Decolonization and the Cold War in Indonesia’. Kerstin is a freelance curator of modern and contemporary art and a PhD candidate at the Institute for History at Leiden University. For ‘Modernist Networks’, she collaborates with Anissa Rahadiningtyas (Cornell University) and Marieke Bloembergen (KITLV/Leiden University).

During the fellowship period, Kerstin will conduct archival research at different Dutch institutions in order to collect documents that provide insight into the activities of Indonesian artists in the Netherlands and specifically their connections to Dutch leftists who were then active in Asia, too. In addition to her research, Kerstin will work with Marieke Bloembergen on the organization of two events for KITLV Atelier discussing strategies of decolonization in relation to art institutions. These events will pay particular attention to modern art from Indonesia in the collection displays of Dutch museums for modern and contemporary art. For more information about these forthcoming events, please keep an eye on KITLV’s website and social media channels.

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Image: Hendra Gunawan, Badai Asia-Afrika [Asian-African Storm], 1953, oil on canvas, 151 x 251 cm. Courtesy: OHD Collection, Magelang, Indonesia.

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