Wolves from the sea: Readings in the anthropology of the native Caribbean

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Wolves from the sea brings together the latest work of leading authorities on the archaeology, socio-cultural anthropology, linguistics, and history of native Caribbean groups, particularly that of the Island Carib. In each of these disciplines orthodox theories are critically assessed and new directions for interdisciplinary research suggested. A central theme that emerges from this volume is the acknowledgement of the plurality of ethnic identities that greeted Columbus and a rejection of the way in which subsequent anthropology has blindly accepted colonial ethnological schema. CONTENTS Neil L. Whitehead: Introduction; The Island Carib as anthropological icon / Arie Boomert: Island Carib archaeology / Berend J. Hoff: Language contact, war, and Amerindian historical tradition; The special case of the Island Carib / Jalil Sued Badillo: The Island Caribs; New approaches to the question of ethnicity in the early colonial Caribbean / Neil L. Whitehead: Ethnic plurality and cultural continuity in the native Caribbean; Remarks and uncertainties as to data and theory / Peter Hulme: Elegy for a dying race; The Island Caribs and their visitors / Jay B. Haviser: Towards romanticized Amerindian identities among Caribbean peoples; A case study from Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles / Charles J.M.R.C. Gullick: Communicating Caribness.

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