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Kok, MA Gerhard de

Gerhard de Kok is a researcher and economic and maritime historian at KITLV. Starting August 1, he will be conducting a study on the economic ties of Rotterdam with former Dutch colonies throughout the early modern and modern eras. He is especially interested in the flows of people, goods and capital between Rotterdam and the colonies and the effects of these flows on urban development.

De Kok obtained his MA in Maritime History (cum laude) from Leiden University in 2012. During his PhD-research at the same university he studied the economic effects of the transatlantic slave trade on the island of Walcheren (thesis forthcoming). This study was part of a wider research project on the immediate and long-term effects of the Dutch participation in the Atlantic slave systems. Prior to pursuing a PhD, De Kok was employed as a research assistant for the Dutch Atlantic Connections project, which was hosted at KITLV.

Selected Publications

(in cooperation with Harvey M. Feinberg), ‘Captured on the Gold Coast; “Illegal” enslavement, freedom and the pursuit of justice in Dutch courts, 1746-1750’, Journal of Global Slavery 1/2-3: 274-295, 2016.

‘Cursed capital; The economic impact of the transatlantic slave trade on Walcheren around 1770’, Tijdschrift voor Sociale en Economische Geschiedenis/ The Low Countries Journal of Social and Economic History 13-3: 1-27, 2016.

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