Researchers – van der Veer

Veer, MA Anne van der

Anne van der Veer is affiliated with KITLV as a participant of the Regional Studies group within the ‘Decolonisation, violence and war in Indonesia, 1945-1950’ programme. Currently, she is completing her dissertation on Chinese experiences during Japanese occupation and Indonesian national revolution in North Sumatra (1942-1950) at Leiden University.

Anne studied history at Utrecht University, where she specialised in political and contemporary Asian history. She graduated (cum laude) with a thesis on the Chinese Security Corps (Pao An Tui) Medan and its participation in the war of decolonisation in North Sumatra (1945-1949). As a PhD candidate at Leiden University, she examined local and diasporic responses of Chinese sojourners in North Sumatra to violence, regime change and nation-building, both in Indonesia and China, from the perspective of migration history. Within the Regional Studies project, Anne continues her interests in ethnic diversity, mobility and divided loyalties in North Sumatra, and the impact of Dutch military operations thereon.