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Stipriaan Luïscius, Prof. dr. Alex van

Prof.dr. Alex van Stipriaan (1954) obtained his doctorate in history (cum laude) at the Free University in Amsterdam. He is professor of Caribbean history at Erasmus University Rotterdam, his academic affiliation since 1986. From 2005-2014 he combined this with a curatorship at the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam. Since then he divides his time  between the Erasmus University and (government) consultancies and research projects on intercultural and/or Caribbean heritage and history education.

Alex van Stipriaan has published widely on the history, culture and arts of Suriname and to a lesser extent the Dutch Caribbean. He wrote a number of investigative reports on Caribbean and Afro-Dutch heritage. He was responsible for exhibition projects a.o. on Maroon culture, and on  Dutch race relations, as well as for documentary film projects a.o. on the phenomenon of (African) roots.

He was one of the founders of the Dutch National Slavery Monument in Amsterdam, as well as of the Slavery Institute NiNsee; he is also a member of UNESCO’s International Scientific Committee on the Slave Route Project.

Selected Publications

‘A parradox in Caribbean cinema? An interview with minimal movie filmmaker Pim de la Parra, pragmatic dreamer from Suriname’, in: D. Hambuch, J. White and U. Fendler (eds.), Imaginations: Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies. Edmonton: University of Alberta, forthcoming.

‘Caraïbisch erfgoed in de Nederlandse Black Atlantic’, OSO, Tijdschrift voor Surinamistiek en het Caraïbisch Gebied 35-1/2:11-38. 2016.

‘Dutch Dealings with the Slavery Past; Contexts of an exhibition’, in: Carla van Boxtel, Maria Grever, Stephan Klein (eds.), Sensitive Pasts: Questioning Heritage in Education. New York/Oxford: Berghahn Publishers, 2016.

‘Maroons and the communications revolution in Suriname’s interior’, in: In and Eithne Carlin, Isabelle L’Eglise, Bettina Migge and Paul B. Tjon Sie Fat (eds.), In and Out of Suriname – Language, Mobility and Identity, p. 139-163. Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2015.

Het slaafgemaakte lichaam; paradox van het Surinaams apartheidssysteem in de negentiende eeuw’, De Negentiende Eeuw, Themanummer Wel en Onwel; het lichaam in de negentiende eeuw 39-3/4: 307-328. 2015.

Trots op Nederland; de kracht van mentaal erfgoed, Volkskunde 116-3:405-422. 2015.

‘De achterkant van Vrijheid, Gelijkheid, Broederschap; Nederland en zijn slavernijverleden’, Tijdschrift over Cultuur en Criminaliteit 4-3:68-81. 2014.

(With Thomas Polimé) Zeg het met doeken; Marrontextiel uit Suriname. Amsterdam: KIT Publishers. 2013.

(With Gert Oostindie, Aspha Bijnaar & Valika Smeulders), Nederland & De Slavernij. Audio CD. Schiedam: Veen Media/Historisch Nieuwsblad. 2013.

‘Roots and the production of heritage’, in; Judith Thissen, Robert Zwijnenberg and Kitty Zijlmans (eds.), Contemporary Culture; New directions in art and humanities research, p. 206-214. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2013.

(With Marlite Halbertsma & Patricia van Ulzen) (eds.) The Heritage Theatre. Globalization and Cultural Heritage. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 2011.

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