Vacancy: 2 PhD candidates on the governance of climate change in Southeast Asia and the Caribbean

KITLV is looking for two PhD candidates on the governance of climate change in Southeast Asia and the Caribbean.

The climate crisis is not just an environmental crisis. It is also a governance crisis. Climate change threatens to undermine sustainable development, poverty eradication programs, and rights. Resilience to climate change depends first and foremost on adaptive capacity (or social learning). This is a matter for the whole society, and particularly for governments. A flood of reports advises authorities what they should do. The recommendations are clear. Societies must reduce their emissions and at the same time strengthen their capacity to adapt to new realities and mitigate the risk of disaster. But recommendations are not much use if we do not know if and how well they will be implemented. Southeast Asia and the Caribbean are archipelagic regions with low to medium income levels and governance indicators. This makes them particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. They show the need for empirical data and theoretical approaches that illuminate how both vulnerability and adaptation measures may actually be determined in such fragile, complex settings. Adaptation, here, is taken as a broad category that includes concrete policies as well as the social changes and epistemological turns needed to achieve sustainable climate change adaptation.

Deadline: 24 November 2019.

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