Vacancy: PhD candidate in Visual Anthropology

The Island(er)s at the Helm project is looking for a PhD candidate in Visual Anthropology in the work package “Arts and culture in the transmission of knowledge-practices”.

The researchers in this work package will depart from the tenet that in everyday life in the Creole cultures of the island(er)s older and newer knowledge-practices are artistically engaged in novel ways; a case of neo-tradition brought about by aesthetic motifs within the processes of creolization. The researcher assigned to this work package are expected to conduct in-depth ethnographic studies from a creolization and art-based perspective on how the island(er)s in the Dutch Caribbean are adapting their foodways, water resource management, and architectural practices to climate challenges. Anthropologists skilled in visual and performing arts, as well as the interface of technology and craftsmanship will carry out a broad inventory of the island(er)s explicit and tacit knowledge-practices with regards to their water, food, shelter-nexus. These findings and their translations in artworks, academic writings, and public presentations, will enable governmental organizations and non-governmental organization to better appreciate and cater to the needs and wants of the island(er)s before and after natural hazards.

Deadline: 21 May.

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