Intern Vanessa Görner
Görner, Vanessa

Vanessa Görner is an intern in the KITLV project “Adat law 100 years later: towards a new interpretation?”. She will read and organize abstracts and correspond with panelist and participants. Vanessa is a current exchange student from Frankfurt a.M. in the MA program of Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Leiden. Her research interest lies in the current Indonesian research field in Leiden and in the ‘adat law’ developments of the 21th century.

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Inter Raisa Kamila
Kamila, Raisa

Raisa Kamila is an intern in the KITLV project ‘Dutch military operations in Indonesia 1945-1950’. She will read and organizing archives from the ANRI (Indonesia State Archives) regarding the violence transformation during the given periods. Raisa is a current student of the MA Colonial and Global History at Leiden University. Her research interest lies in the social history of areas along the Strait of Malacca, particularly Aceh, within the late colonial until the Cold War periods.

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Fellow of intern
Knigge, Roos

Roos Knigge will start her internship in the KITLV project ‘Traces of slavery in Leiden’ in February. She will assemble and edit a booklet about the visible colonial past in the city of Leiden. Roos is a current student of the BA Art History at Leiden University. Her research interest lies in the topic of nationalism and art, with a particular focus on painting in Europe in the nineteenth century.

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Intern Lise Zurne
Zurné, Lise

Lise Zurné will start her internship in the beginning of January with the start of the Leiden Asia Year. She will be primarily involved in the KITLV project ‘Recording the Future’ and will work on the app ‘Walking with Indonesia’ (working title) in which users will be able to contrast the cityscape of Leiden with images daily life in various cities in Indonesia. She will also organize monthly screenings with films on Asia followed by discussions with the filmmakers and experts. Lise has recently graduated from her MA Cultural Anthropology with a film on the historical re-enactment of the Serangan Umum 1 Maret, a battle on the 1st of March 1949 between the Indonesian Republican Army and the former Dutch colonial army in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

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This page lists, in alphabetical order, the interns currently working at the KITLV/Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies.

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