Keizer, Emma

Emma Keizer is an intern in the project ‘Decolonisation, violence and war in Indonesia, 1945 -1950’. She assists the ‘Regional Studies’ project and will focus on the region of East-Java under supervision of dr. Hans Meijer. Currently, she is enrolled in the MA International Relations in Historical Perspective at Utrecht University. Her research interest lies within the field of Dutch-Indonesian relations and (modern) Indonesian history.

Purwanti, Ribut

Ribut Purwanti supports the research project on palm oil conflicts in central Kalimantan under the supervision of Ward Berenschot. From October 2017 until January 2018, she will be an intern at KITLV. Ribut is an Erasmus+ master student, from the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University of Frankfurt, Germany. Currently, she follows South and Southeast Asian Studies and International Relations courses at Leiden University. Her research interest lies within the field of social and economic development in Southeast Asia, with a focus on contemporary Indonesia.

Skrinjaric, Tea

From December 2017 until February 2018, Tea will work under the supervision of Fridus Steijlen on the project ‘Recording the Future: An Audiovisual Archive of Everyday Life in Indonesia in the 21st Century’. Tea graduated from social and cultural anthropology from the University of Ljubljana and the University of Stockholm. Her research focus lies within the field of visual anthropology, with a focus on socialy engaged documentary films.

Steardo, Mattia

Mattia Steardo will be part of the research project ‘Confronting Caribbean Challenges’ directed by Gert Oostindie. His main task will be collecting and analyzing data regarding non-sovereign territories of USA, Spain, Portugal and Nordic countries. He is currently enrolled in the MA Cities, Migration and Global Interdependence at Leiden University. His research interests lie in economic and social history, in particular in the context of the Iberian empires in the American continent.

Tobing, Dio

Dio Herdiawan Tobing assists the research project ‘Confronting Caribbean Challenges’ under the supervision of Professor Gert Oostindie, dr. Malcom Ferdinand, and dr. Wouter Veenendaal. He holds a Bachelor in Political Science from the Department of International Relations, Universitas Gadjah Mada and is currently a LL.M Candidate at the Leiden Law School. His research interest falls within the intersection of politics and international law, the development of international law in Southeast Asia, and refugee issues in Southeast Asia. For his LL.M thesis he aims to work on the topic of Indonesia’s Participation in Refugee Protection under International Law.

Wisselink, Daanjan


This page lists, in alphabetical order, the interns currently working at the KITLV/Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies.

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