Blog: Fieldwork and COVID-19; After a ‘Corona home run’ from Indonesia

The Anthropology weblog ‘Standplaats Wereld’ published a blogpost by Shannon van Leeuwen, Evelien van Overveld and Fridus Steijlen about Evelien and Shannon’s ‘Corona home run’ from fieldwork in Indonesia.

“March 16, early in the morning I received a Whatsapp message from my student Shannon: ‘We received a letter from Campus saying that all students overseas should return home. What do you think?’ Wow, I thought, this is getting serious. There were already some Corona casualties in the Netherlands, mainly in the province of Brabant. Outside the Netherland mainly Italy and Spain were hit by the virus. Since 9 March we had stopped shaking hands, and between 12 and 15 March the so-called intelligent lockdown started. Initially until April 6, a week after the students were scheduled to return home from fieldwork.”

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