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There are things in daily life that seem to always continue without notice. For me, one of them is going to the hairdresser, more or less every six weeks. I only changed a hairdresser when he retired or when I moved. Visits abroad could always fit in between visits to my hairdresser and I would occasionally accept slightly wild and a bit longer hair coming home when the field trip exceeded my regular hair-cut-period. But this time is different. I landed in Ambon, the Moluccas, Indonesia, at the end of February to become visiting professor at Universitas Pattimura (Unpatti); as result of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the cooperation between VU and Unpatti. When I came to Ambon last May (2022) to revive the MoU after covid, the rector, knowing I was going to retire soon, invited me to become visiting professor at Unpatti. So here I am, working at Unpatti for a longer period.

When the time for a haircut came, I asked around at Unpatti. Where should I go? In most of the barbershops I had seen, men were cut short and shaved in the neck, in, what I would call, a military style. I was looking for a barber that will be able to handle older people, I told my colleagues. It was just a shot in the dark. Then one of my colleagues told me that close to her house, in the area called Benteng (fortress), there was a barbershop named ‘Gunting Rambut Holland’, or ‘Hardresser Holland’ or very literally translated ‘Hair cutting Holland’.

Photo: ‘Hair Cutting Holland’. Photographer: Fridus Steijlen.

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