Book launch ‘Rouffaer, de laatste Indische ontdekkingsreiziger’

On Friday 27 February, KITLV fellow Frank Okker, presented ‘Rouffaer, de laatste Indische ontdekkingsreiziger’, a biography of Gerret Pieter Rouffaer (1860-1928), the last “Indische” explorer and co-founder of the world famous collections of KITLV. The book was launched during a well attended seminar on “Indische” biographies.

Presentations were held by Gerard Termorshuizen, Marije Plomp, Tom van den Berge and Frank Okker himself. After his presentation, Okker handed the first copy of his biography to Eric Rouffaer, a relative of Gerret Rouffaer. A second and third copy were handed to Kurt De Belder (director Leiden University Libraries) and Susan Legêne (chair Members’ Association KITLV and professor of political history at VU University Amsterdam).

The book is dedicated to Anna Kruip, Okker’s research assistant who managed to decipher Rouffaer’s hand writing.

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