EuroSEAS Secretariat again hosted by KITLV in Leiden

The European Association for South East Asian Studies (EuroSEAS) is an international initiative to foster scholarly cooperation within Europe in the field of Southeast Asian studies. It was founded in 1992 and it is the only pan-European scientific organization dedicated to Southeast Asian studies. EuroSEAS members work in all areas of humanities and social sciences, from archeology to economics, from anthropology to linguistics.  EuroSEAS is governed by a Board, elected every three years. The Secretariat of EuroSEAS provides coordination for the ongoing activities and manages the financial resources.

From now until 2018 the Secretariat will be hosted by KITLV in Leiden again (in the past from 1993 until 2004). Chairman of the EuroSEAS Board is Professor Duncan McCargo from the University of Leeds. Secretary of the Board is Professor Henk Schulte Nordholt. The Board gathered for a meeting at KITLV in Leiden on Friday 10 January.

The main EuroSEAS activity is the organization of European Conference on Southeast Asian Studies bringing together hundreds of specialists from all over the world. The next conference will be from 11-14 August 2015 in Vienna.  Apart from this EuroSEAS stimulates and supports a European  network of  PhD students working on Southeast Asia. At the moment KITLV is working on a new EuroSEAS website which will be launched soon.

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