Honorary membership of Cees Fasseur

Shortly before his unexpected death Cees Fasseur accepted honorary membership of the Association KITLV. The chairperson of the Association, Susan Legêne, made the announcement at the Annual General Meeting on 10th June. The board of the Association had taken this decision earlier this year, taking into consideration Professor Fasseur’s great contribution as an historian of the Dutch East Indies/ Indonesia and as an advocate of the KITLV at two crucial moments in the history of the institute. In correspondence with Lêgene and KITLV director Gert Oostindie he expressed his pleased surprise at this recognition of his work and his grateful acceptance of the honorary membership. It was a great shock to realise that only a few days after this conversation Cees Fasseur had died as the result of complications after an operation.

At the AGM the chair of the Association KITLV reminded us of Cees Fasseur’s contributions and asked for a moment of silence to remember his life and death.

Here is a link to the in memorium that has been published on the websites of KITLV (English) and Historici.nl (Dutch).

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