Interview | Diana Suhardiman: ‘How a local shaman can help fight climate change’

An interview with Diana Suhardiman on the Leiden University website. Diana is the director of KITLV and a Professor of Natural Resource Governance, Climate and Equity at Leiden University.

Who knows more about environmental management: a professor of natural resource governance or a local shaman in the remote highlands of Myanmar? ‘To tackle climate change, we need pluralistic views of what we consider knowledge to be’, says Diana.

In her research Diana focuses on the intersection between water, land, climate and environmental management in Southeast Asia.

In her inaugural lecture ‘Grassroots alliances in natural resource governance: Shaping territories of life’ on Friday 19 April at Leiden University, she calls for a broad view of knowledge production and state transformation processes.

‘When we talk about natural resources, climate and justice, we should take account of multiple overlapping – but not necessarily connected – knowledge systems and grassroot realities.’

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