New Open Access article: ‘Law-Making as a Strategy for Change: Indonesia’s New Village Law’

An article in the Asian Journal of Law and Society, by Jacqueline Vel (KITLV/VVI), Yando Zakaria & Adriaan Bedner (KITLV/VVI).

In 2014, the Indonesian president signed a new Village Law (no. 6/2014). This statute started a new phase in the ongoing history of village governance policy, moving the village from a position as an administrative unit in a top-down system towards one of an autonomous community. The present article analyses how distinct “policy communities” in Indonesia started a process that helped shape the 2014 Village Law in order to promote their long-term political agendas, how their involvement was facilitated by the particular features of Indonesia’s law-making process, and how they managed to get a Bill passed that went against considerable vested interest from government bureaucracies. However, they have been less successful in securing implementation of the new law, as this process is still dominated by the government bureaucracies that were “defeated” in the law-making process.

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