Van Wersch Springplank Prize for Hoko Horii

On Thursday 10 January the annual Meijers Prizes were awarded for the best published article, per faculty research program, by researchers in the pre-promotion phase. The winners received a certificate and a sum of money to spend on their research.

Two of the seven winners were also awarded the Van Wersch Springplank Prize. This prize amounts to a maximum of € 10,000 for scientific publications by active and talented researchers in the field of medical/pharmaceutical and legal research. One of the winners is KITLV researcher Hoko Horii who won the award for her article ‘Pluralistic legal system, pluralistic human rights?: Teenage pregnancy, child marriage and legal institutions in Bali‘, in The Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law.

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Image: Ruben van Uden and Hoko Horii received the Van Wersch Springplank Prize – Leiden University.

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