New issue New West Indian Guide

The journal New West Indian Guide / Nieuwe West-Indische Gids (NWIG) has published a new issue. It includes 2 articles: ‘She has not been seen or heard of since: Gender, incarceration, and punishment in The Bahamas, 1860s–1920s’, by Anne Ulentin and “Sustenance and survival: Women, food, and sovereignty in postemancipation Tobago’, by O’Neill Joseph as well as a research note on the journal of the galiot Nieuwer Amstel by Julie van den Hout, Jaap Jacobs, and Jeroen Dewulf. This issue also features two reviews articles by Rosamond S. King (‘Beyond homophobia and binary gender’) and Johanna C. Kardux (‘Dutch cities in global slavery’), plus 51 full reviews of books on the Caribbean.

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