New publication: ‘Haitian archaeological heritage’

‘Haitian archaeological heritage: Understanding its loss and paths to future preservation’, an Open Acces article in the journal Heritage, by Joseph Sony Jean (KITLV), Marc Joseph (University California Santa Cruz), Camille Louis (University California Santa Cruz) and Jerry Michel (Université d’Etat d’Haïti/Université Paris 8).

Haitian archaeological heritage is expressed through multiple traces of Amerindian cultures, enslaved African legacies, ruins of old colonial plantations and fortresses, and post-Haitian independence. Despite the existence of legal institutions engaged in the protection of this heritage, Haitian archaeological sites are becoming more threatened because of looting, appropriation of spaces, and lands management, as well as natural hazards. This paper aims to explore the current state of archaeological heritage with the broader context of the politics of heritage in Haiti. We analyzed the conditions of archaeological sites from the northern region and addressed their place in official heritage practices. The results of this study revealed that most of the archaeological sites that reflect the complexity of Haitian history are not given much attention in the politics of heritage that prioritize the nationalistic and emblematic character of historic traces. This study highlighted the importance of a new approach that prioritizes multiple voices to address heritage matters for the future.

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Image: Map of northern Haiti modified from Google earth, showing the location of the case studies.

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