New publication: ‘Looking for agency in transnational refugee trajectories during the Second World War’

Open acces review essay in the journal Itinerario by guest researcher Rosa de Jong on three recent monographs, The Escape Line, Escape from Vichy, and Nearly the New World, which highlight the relevance of transnational refugee and resistance networks. These books shed new light on the trajectories of refugees through war-torn Europe and their routes out of it.

Megan Koreman displays in The Escape Line the relevance of researching one line of resistance functioning in several countries and thereby shifts from the common nationalistic approach in resistance research. In Escape from Vichy Eric Jennings researches the government-endorsed flight route between Marseille and Martinique and explores the lasting impact of encounters between refugees and Caribbean Negritude thinkers. Joanna Newman explores the mainly Jewish refugees who found shelter in the British West Indies, with a focus on the role of aid organisations in this flight.

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