New publication: ‘Transatlantic connections in colonial and post-colonial Haiti’

New Open Access publication: ‘Transatlantic connections in colonial and post-colonial Haiti: Archaeometric evidence for taches noires glazed tableware imported from Albissola, Italy to Fort Liberté, Haiti’.

By Simone Casale (KITLV), Joseph S. Jean (KITLV), Claudio Capelli (Università degli Studi di Genova), Dennis Braekmans (Leiden University), Patrick Degryse (Leiden University) & Corinne Hofman (KITLV)

This paper presents the first archaeometrical data on colonial glazed wares (taches noires) imported in Haiti (Fort Liberté). The analysis evidenced the exclusive presence of Italian taches noires products, dated before 1820 and related to the colonial era. The presence of English wares next to colonial materials demonstrated continuity in the use of landscape after the Independence and the establishment of international trade relationships between the state of Haiti and the British Empire. Results are an important step forward in the understanding of production and movement of the Taches noires ware, which were exported globally between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

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