Open acces: ‘Complex landscape biographies: Palimpsests of Fort-Liberté, Haiti’

New and full open access article by KITLV researchers Sony Jean, Corinne Hofman et al.: ‘Complex landscape biographies: Palimpsests of Fort-Liberté, Haiti’, in the journal Landscape Research.

Historically, the cultural landscape of northern Haiti has been severely impacted by Amerindian, Spanish, and African cultures. Historical accounts often consider only the transformations that left visible imprints in the environment, neglecting or overlooking other social changes. This research provides a new set of data, built upon results from mainly archaeological surveys. A landscape biographical approach is applied to capture the historic development of the Fort-Liberté region, Haiti. The discussion shows that the history of the region can be understood as a landscape palimpsest resulting from complex relations between different cultural groups over time.

Image: Landscape of Meillac at the Fort-Liberté region. @Joseph Sony Jean, 2016.

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