PhD defense Marije Plomp on Malay adventure stories

On 30 September Marije Plomp successfully defended her PhD thesis on Malay adventure stories at the Academy Building of Leiden University. Marije’s thesis was titled ‘Never-Neverland revisited: Malay adventure stories. With an annotated edition and translation of the Malay story of Bahram Syah’.

Marije was supervised by Professor Ernst van Alpen (Centre for the Arts in Society, Leiden University) and Professor Henk Maier (University of California). Her examiners were Professor David Henley (Leiden University Institute for Area Studies), Professor Willem van der Molen (Universitas Indonesia & KITLV), Professor Patricia Spyer (Anthropology, Leiden University), Professor Henk Schulte Nordholt (Anthropology, VU University Amsterdam & KITLV), Professor W. Schipper (Centre for the Arts in Society, Leiden University) and Professor Yra van Dijk (Centre for the Arts in Society, Leiden University).

Marije studied Southeast Asian / Indonesian Studies in Leiden and did research on cultural history on Southeast Asia, Oriental manuscripts and palaeography, Malay and modern Indonesian literature. She worked for the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, the Moesson and she is board member of the Vereniging KITLV (Learned Society).

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