Publication research project ‘Tracking Development’

The publication Asia-Africa development divergence; A question of intent is the result of KITLV’s and Afrika Study Centers’ research project ‘Tracking Development’ (2006-2011). The author David Henley, now Professor Contemporary Indonesia Studies at Leiden University, worked for KITLV during this project.

Despite recent economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa, most people there are still almost as poor as they were half a century ago. This book asks the vital question: why have Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam been able to reduce levels of absolute poverty in recent years more successfully than many African countries, such as Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania?

In Asia-Africa development divergence, Henley corrects widespread misconceptions about rapid poverty reduction in Asia and Africa and, in their place, presents a simple, radical explanation for the development divergencent.

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