Report portfolio institutes KNAW and NWO

In 2018 an international committee has evaluated the combined ‘portfolio’ of the institutes of both the KNAW and NWO. On 22 February, the report of the committee and the joint reaction of the boards of the KNAW and NWO have been submitted to the minister of Education, Sciences and Culture (Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschappen, OCW).

Both the board of the KNAW and KITLV’s management are pleased with the results. Neither one of us expect a change in the status of the KITLV as an institute of the KNAW located at the Leiden University campus. We were happy to read the committee’s remarks about the importance of KITLV’s national role as an independent institution. Their encouragement to not only continue but also expand our efforts to broaden our academic networks and to increase our coordination role in The Netherlands, corresponds with what we have been doing over the past years and what has earned us an extremely positive peer review last year, with an ‘excellent’ score both for scholarly output and societal impact.

Read more about the portfolio evaluation on the KNAW website.

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