Budiman, Nisrina Saraswati
Research assistant

Previously, Saras worked as a legal researcher at the World Resources Institute. She studied European and International Human Rights Law at Leiden University, with a thesis on religious indoctrination and its impacts on children’s rights to education and freedom of belief in Indonesia. Saras currently works as the research assistant for the POCAJI project and Village & Governance project, funded by World Bank, led by Prof. Ward Berenschot.


Leden, MA Finn van der
Data manager & research assistant

Finn van der Leden obtained his BA and MA in Archaeology at Leiden University. The focus of his MA thesis was on muscle development in the pre-Colonial population of Tingi Holo in Suriname. He currently works at the KITLV as data manager and research assistant in the CaribTRAILS project. His other tasks include generating 3D-models and assisting in field research.

Mooij, RMA Emma de
Project coordinator & research assistant

Emma de Mooij (RMA) studied Caribbean Archaeology at Leiden University. She previously worked as a research assistant in the ERC-Synergy project NEXUS1492, led by Prof. Corinne L. Hofman. Emma currently works as the project coordinator for the CaribTRAILS project, funded by NWO Spinoza, awarded to Prof. Hofman in 2014.