Emanuelson, MA Sharelly

Sharelly Emanuelson is a filmmaker, visual artist, researcher, and founder of Uniarte (art platform). She carries a BA in audiovisual media and MA in artistic research. For her films and installations between 2010 and 2021 she has been widely recognized with screenings, prizes and grants in local, regional, and international festivals and institutes.

As a part of Islander(s) at the Helm, Sharelly Emanuelson will conduct ethnographic research from a visual-anthropological perspective. Her new body of work will explore how Dutch Caribbean Islanders are adapting to climate challenges and she will seek to study this through the outernational ethic of living rhythmically with the rest of the environment which on the ABC islands is termed “biba dushi”.

Selected works

2019 Teduki Nobo, Mixed Media, Curaçao
2018 En Mi Pais, Audiovisual Installation, Mixed Media, Aruba
2015 Siudadanos, Audiovisual Installation, Sint Maarten
2014 Doh Mix Meh Up: We Always Negotiatin, Audiovisuele installatie, Aruba
2014 Hidden Transcripts, Live performance event, The Netherlands
2013 Moments, Video, The Netherlands
2019 Documentary, Zo Vrij als een Vogel, Curaçao
2018 Documentary, Welterusten Papa, Curaçao
2018 Short Film Juni, Curaçao
2017 Documentary, Yamada, Curaçao
2014 Documentary, Mighty Lords, Kings & Queens, Aruba
2010 Documentary, Su Solo I Playanan (Awarded at AITP Film festival), Curaçao