Researcher – Kus

Kus, Msc. Aga

Aga Kus is a researcher with architectural background. She graduated with honors in 2021 with a Master of Science in Architecture at TUDelft. Aga has a Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree obtained from Wroclaw University (Poland) with one year of experience focusing on Sustainable Architecture at Polytechnic of Turin (Italy).

In her design projects, she worked on unraveling social and environmental challenges in Mumbai (India) and Bandung (Indonesia). During her Master’s studies she led an international association – BEST Delft, bringing students together to develop themselves and build trust in international collaborations. As a part of Islander(s) at the Helm, Aga will focus on extreme architecture, researching weather-proof design solutions and self-reliant communities on Sint Maarten. Her project is entitled “Community-based circular design”, and she is a part of KITLV and TU Delft.