Ridho, MA Reinanda

Ridho Reinanda is a researcher at KITLV working on the Elite Network Shifts project. He works on the computational aspects of the project, with the primary goal being to extract networks of elites in Indonesia from several large collections of digitized newspapers.

Ridho received his bachelor degree in informatics engineering (2009), and master degree in computer science (2012) from Institut Teknologi Bandung. For his PhD work with the Elite Network Shift project, he is stationed at the Intelligent Systems Lab, University of Amsterdam. As a computer scientist, his main research fields are information retrieval and language technology. In particular, he is interested in extracting information about entities/relation between entities, and using this information for entity-oriented retrieval tasks.

Before joining the project, Ridho worked as a software engineer and IT consultant. He developed various applications for government institutions and private companies in Indonesia. His previous works include implementing document management, digital library, and data aggregation systems.

Selected Publications

(with M. de Rijke), ‘Prior-informed distant supervision for temporal evidence classification.’ Coling 2014: The 25th International Conference on Computational Linguistics.

(with D. Odijk and M. de Rijke), Exploring Entity Associations Over Time. SIGIR 2013 Workshop on Time-aware Information Access.

(with M. Utama M, F. Steijlen and M. de Rijke), Entity Network Extraction based on Association Finding and Relation Extraction. TPDL 2013: International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries.

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