Ruzibiza, Dr. Yvette

Yvette is a postdoctoral researcher in Political Anthropology at KITLV, in the Islanders at the Helm project. Yvette holds a Postdoctoral research position with Copenhagen Business School. She is a visiting scholar at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research, University of Amsterdam (UvA), where she also earned her PhD.

Yvette has extensive experience in the development sector, and her past work within the civil society sector in East Africa focused on youth and women empowerment-related themes, including sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender equality, youth economic empowerment, youth financial inclusion, migration, and gender-based violence. She has practical experience in building bridges between national authorities, the private sector, and civil society. She is passionate about following the political developments, conflict dynamics, and international relations of East Africa.

Apart from her interest in East African politics, Yvette is also interested in Dutch Islands politics.

Selected Publications

With Musariri, Linda,  Jasmine Shio, Dilys Amoabeng, and Amisah Bakuri, A call to rethink African scholars beyond “local experts”: mobility, race, and gender in Europe”, Ethnic and Racial Studies 47-1 : 4-23, 2024.

With Simon Turner,’Tanzania’s open door to refugees narrows‘, 2023.

With Lidewyde H. Berckmoes, ‘Making ‘the process’: Sexual vulnerability and Burundian refugee boys and young men’s strategies for onward migration from Nakivale refugee settlement in Uganda’,  Journal of Refugee Studies 35-3: 1186-1203, 2022.

‘”They are a shame to the community…” stigma, school attendance, solitude and resilience among pregnant teenagers and teenage mothers in Mahama refugee camp, Rwanda’, Global Public Health 16- 5: 763-774, 2021.

With Lidewyde Berckmoes, Stella Neema, and Ria Reis, ‘Lost in freedom: Ambivalence on sexual freedom among Burundian adolescents living in the Nakivale refugee settlement, Uganda’, Sexual and reproductive health matters 29-1: 232-245, 2021.

Adolescents’ perceptions on sexuality and relationships Burundian adolescent refugees in Nakivale settlement in Uganda: “We need access to sexuality-related information and services!”’, 2020.