Tuslian, LL.M, MSc Widya

Widya Naseva Tuslian is a Ph.D. candidate jointly appointed at the KITLV (Royal Dutch Academy of South Asian and Caribbean Studies) and VVI (Van Vollenhoven Institute) of Leiden Law School. She is researching The Socio-Legal Perspective of the Impact of Climate Change on Water Management in Indonesia. Her supervisors are Prof. Diana Suhardiman from the KITLV; and Prof. Adriaan Bedner from the VVI.

Widya completed her bachelor’s degree in Law from The University of Indonesia, she holds her master of laws (LL.M) in Globalization and Law: Human Rights Specialization from Maastricht University and her second master’s (MSc) in Law and Society from Leiden University. For her second master’s thesis, she researched land tenure security in Indonesia analyzing a conflict over land status in Surabaya to know how legal consciousness and legal pluralism within the state laws impact people’s sense of security over the land they reside in.

Prior to her Ph.D. research position, Widya started her professional career as a lawyer in Indonesia mostly dealing with public and private sector relationships. For the past few years she worked primarily in Academia: teaching some courses at the Faculty of Law University of Indonesia (FHUI) and working as a researcher at FHUI’s think tank institution Djokosoetono Research Center.

Selected Publications

With Benedict Sheehy & Luther Lie, ‘The use of international soft law for corporate social responsibility reporting in retail industry: A study of four major retailers in Asia Pacific’, Canberra Law Review, 2021.

Assessing development of access to justice in Indonesia through capability approach‘, Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research. Atlantis Press, 2020.

Elimination of cultural based discrimination against women‘, Indonesia Law Review 9-1, 2019.

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