Spanish-language edition of ‘Paradise overseas’

The Cuban Editorial José Martí published a Spanish-language edition of Het paradijs overzee (Bert Bakker, 1997 and KITLV Press, 20115) by Gert Oostindie, based on the English edition Paradise overseas (Macmillan, 2005). Last week, Oostindie presented this new edition, named El Caribe Holandés, at the Universidad de la Habana; the Casa del Caribe in Santiago de Cuba; and at the Feria del Libro in Havana. The picture shows the presentation at the latter occasion, 20 February 2015.

On the photo from left to right: Elisa Pardo (Editorial José Martí; Dutch Embassador Norbert Braakhuis; Gert Oostindie; and Oscar Zanetti (Universidad de la Habana).

El Caribe holandés: El colonialismo y sus legados transatlánticos or Paradise Overseas presents a tour around the main themes of Dutch Caribbean history and its contemporary legacies. Drawing on wide expertise in Caribbean and Latin American studies, Gert Oostindie strongly posits a refreshing analysis of the Dutch Caribbean in a comparative framework which will be of interest to historians, anthropologists and political scientists alike. Rather than aiming at a comprehensive narrative, he offers a thematic discussion of topics such as the contrasts between Dutch colonization in the Americas and Asia; African slavery, Asian indentured labour and the shaping of plural societies in the Dutch Caribbean; the major contrasts between and within the six Antillean islands and Suriname; the different trajectories of decolonisation and their subsequent costs and benefits; and the changing significance of ethnicity and national identity both in the Dutch Caribbean and its diaspora.

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