Latest issue of NWIG now available online

The latest issue of New West Indian Guide / Nieuwe West-Indische Gids is now available online (open access).
This issue celebrates the 100th anniversary of the NWIG. Rosemarijn Hoefte sketches the origins of the NWIG in “NWIG@100”; the issue also includes two articles, “Filial Phantasmagoria: The Apocryphal Sons of Antonio Maceo (Father of the Cuban Nation)” by Jennifer L. Lambe and “Fifty Shades of Trade: Privateering, Piracy, and Illegal Slave Trading in St. Thomas, EarlyNineteenth Century” by Ryan Espersen.

In addition there are review articles by Antoni Kapcia on Cuba on the World Stage and by Richard & Sally Price covering over one hundred recent Caribbean novels, works of poetry, and other books not otherwise reviewed in the journal, plus 46 full book reviews by specialists on the Caribbean region.

All past issues of the NWIG, dating back to 1919, are also online available. Read more.

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