A virtual city walk through Indonesia

A unique app that connects the city of Leiden with similar spots on the other side of the world, in Indonesia. This is what the Leiden tour app ‘Envisioning Indonesia’ offers. Leiden alderman Paul Dirkse will launch the app on 19 June with the first public walking tour. Join and see Leiden from a different perspective!

A walk with the Envision Indonesia app is a multimedia experience. As you walk around Leiden you can activate short videos on your smartphone that give you images from a different world. The app offers two different routes. The first takes you past a number of recognisable spots in Leiden. At the Lakenhal Museum, for example, moving images link the history of clothmaking  in the city to a textile factory in Delanggu on Java, and connect the Leiden Burcht to Fort Orange on the Moluccan island of Ternate. The second route looks at more everyday images; as you walk through Leiden’s shopping streets, the app shows you the Indonesian version of a student house, a kos, and the oldest market in Jakarta.

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