Walk app ‘Envisioning Indonesia’

KITLV is pleased to invite you to experience Indonesia while walking through Leiden’s city center with the new walking app Envisioning Indonesia.

Within the framework of the Leiden Asia Year KITLV developed the walk app Envisioning Indonesia. In the two walks of Envisioning Indonesia (3.5 and 5.8 km), several places lend you ‘binoculars’ to look beyond your present here and imagine Indonesia by connecting the places you visit with the locations in Indonesia. The Leidse Burcht, a student house, a former factory and the Museum Volkenkunde are for example connected with a fortress on the Moluccan Island of Ternate, an Islamic student association, an ice factory and the Museum Kapuas Raya in Sintang (Kalimantan). In that way, walking through Leiden becomes a global experience. Or as the local newspaper wrote: ‘App turns Leiden into Indonesia’.

The app can be downloaded for free in the App Store (http://wqd.nl/tjgo) or in Google Play (http://wqd.nl/qimg). After installing Envisioning Indonesia and downloading the routes you can enjoy moving images from Indonesia comparing locations in Leiden. All video material comes from the KITLV audiovisual project ‘Recording the Future’.

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