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  • News archief
    Symposium 3 december: ‘Oorlog in de archieven’

    Op donderdag 3 december organiseert het KITLV in het Nationaal Archief in Den Haag een symposium over het lopende onderzoeksproject ‘Nederlands Militair Optreden in Indonesië 1945-1950’. Dit project ...

  • News Asian Journal
    Now online: Digital Methods in Asian Studies

    Now online available: special issue Asian Journal of Social Science on 'Digital Methods in Asian Studies'. With articles written by KITLV researchers Gerry van Klinken, Jacqueline Hicks, Vincent Traag and...

  • Blog Paul Bijl
    Blog: An angry Dutchman (white)

    White Dutch people have recently entered the second stage of grief over losing their colonial innocence: anger, says Paul Bijl. For decades they thought that racist injustice, slavery, colonialism and mass killings were more characteristics of the Germans, Americans, British and ...

  • News VAR publicatie David Kloos
    New publication: ‘Living in a Makeshift World?

    New special publication by David Kloos in Visual Anthropology Review: ‘Living in a Makeshift World? Mobility, Temporariness, and Everyday Life in Indonesia.’David wrote this article based on his research in the archive ...

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