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  • Blog Lonely at Borobudur Marieke
    Lonely at the top: 15 minutes of privacy at Borobudur

    The road to Enlightenment is never easy, but for some people it is easier than for others. Last May I visited Borobudur. This giant eighth century Buddhist shrine and world heritage site is located in Indonesia where now the world’s largest ...

  • News donatie Wikimedia
    KITLV donation to Wikimedia Commons

    Over 3000 historic photographs and prints with images from the Dutch East Indies, China, Japan, Singapore and Suriname from the KITLV were donated to Wikimedia Commons, the image database of Wikipedia,...

  • NWO grant
    VENI grant awarded to KITLV Researcher

    KITLV researcher Wouter Veenendaal has been awarded a Veni grant for young excellent researchers. His research project 'Explaining Political Stability in Small States' examines why small countries...

  • Blog Sanne
    Blog: From Brexit to CuraCiao: who takes the country back?

    Confronting Caribbean Challenges researcher, Sanne Rotmeijer, is just back from almost a year doing fieldwork on Curaçao and St. Maarten. She shares her perspective on identity, belonging, and what Brexit and nationalist...

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