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  • Bali
    New KITLV/Brill publication: ‘Bali in the early nineteenth century’

    Bali in the early nineteenth century; The ethnographic accounts of Pierre Dubois, by Helen Creese, University of Queensland. In Bali in the Early Nineteenth Century, Helen Creese examines the nature of the earliest...

  • Blog Black Vultures
    Blog: The Place of the Vultures: Cuba on the Cusp of Change

    Confronting Caribbean Challenges researcher Jessica Vance Roitman was recently in Havana, Cuba for the yearly Association of Caribbean Historians conference. In this blog, she contemplates her role as a tourist feeding...

  • News Erelidmaatschap Fasseur
    Honorary membership of Cees Fasseur

    Shortly before his unexpected death Cees Fasseur accepted honorary membership of the Association KITLV. The chairperson of the Association, Susan Legêne, made the announcement at the Annual General Meeting on 10th June. The board of...

  • News Erelidmaatschap Fasseur
    Erelidmaatschap Cees Fasseur

    Kort voor zijn onverwachte overlijden accepteerde Cees Fasseur het erelidmaatschap van de Vereniging KITLV. De voorzitter van de Vereniging, Susan Legêne, maakte dit bekend op de Algemene Ledenvergadering van 10 juni jl. Het bestuur van de Vereniging ...

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