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Kick-off project ‘Climate change and governance in marine protected areas’

On April 22, 2021 KITLV is officially kicking-off the new project on climate change and governance in Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Together with partners from Indonesia and the Caribbean, from social and natural sciences as well as from the NGO sector, we want to assess whether MPAs as conservation practice are, from a social-ecological perspective, suitable to keep pace with challenges caused by climate change.

The kick-off meeting aims at getting to know each other and to take a first step towards establishing an approach that recognizes the diversity of the group in terms of culture, (disciplinary) background and resulting knowledge systems. We are convinced that only by overcoming disciplinary silo thinking and by also including practical and experiential knowledge, will we be able to tackle wicked real world problems like climate change.

Photo: made by Stacey MacDonald.

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