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Bergen, Dr. Leo van

Leo van Bergen (1959) is a researcher at KITLV working in the field of medical history. His main research project, which is entitled ‘Leprosy and Empire’, explores health policy concerning leprosy in the Dutch East Indies between 1815 and 1942.

Van Bergen studied in twentieth century political history in Nijmegen, the Netherlands and earned his PhD in Rotterdam in 1994 on a history of the Dutch Red Cross. Leo has conducted research in medical history, mainly concerning himself with the relationship between war and medicine and tropical medicine.

Besides his post at KITLV, Leo is member of the editorial board of Medicine, Conflict and Survival, a peer-reviewed PubMed-indexed magazine, and member of the board of the Dutch Association of Medical Polemology. Each year he organizes a lecture series on World War I in his residence Nijmegen. Leo is also a worldwide known scholar on medicine and World War I.

Selected Publications

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