Dhiaulhaq, Dr. Ahmad

Ahmad Dhiaulhaq is a postdoctoral researcher at KITLV. His research interests concern the political dynamics of natural resource conflict, forest and land governance, environmental justice and land conflict resolution in Indonesia and broader Southeast Asia. As a postdoc at KITLV, he involves in coordinating research project ‘Palm Oil Conflict and Access to Justice in Indonesia’ (POCAJI), funded with a grant from NWO and the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology. In collaboration with Dutch/Indonesian academics and six Indonesian NGOs, the project engages in a study of general patterns and outcomes of oil palm conflicts and conflict resolution across Indonesia, with the aim of providing inputs for legal reform and improvement of current conflict resolution mechanisms.

Previously Ahmad completed his PhD in Resources, Environment and Development Program at the Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University (ANU). His PhD research has focused on questions of justice and political economy in land conflict resolution initiatives in Indonesian forestry and palm oil sectors. At ANU he was also a teaching assistant for some Master’s level courses such as ‘State, Society and Natural Resources’ and ‘Food Wars: Food Security and Agricultural Policy’.

Prior to PhD study, Ahmad has conducted research on resource conflicts in a number of Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia. Through a Masters of Environment from University of Melbourne, and with RECOFTC-The Center for People and Forests based in Bangkok, he has conducted research on social conflicts related to large-scale forestry and agri-business projects (oil palm and acacia plantations), conservation areas, REDD+ projects, community forestry and watershed protection.

Selected Publications

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Deforestation and community-outsider conflicts, The Broker. December 23, 2013.

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