Ruijgrok, Dr. Kris

Kris Ruijgrok is a political scientist working as a post-doctoral researcher at KITLV on the Cybertroops in South-East Asia project. This research project studies comparatively how social media-based public opinion manipulation is organized in Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia. To do so, the project brings together an interdisciplinary group of Dutch and South East Asian researchers to conduct computational social media analysis, digital ethnography, and fieldwork.

Ruijgrok’s own research revolves around the interaction between digital technology, mobilization and on- and offline repression, with a regional focus on India and South-East Asia. For his PhD research (2018, UvA), he used  a mixed methods approach, including in-depth qualitative fieldwork in Malaysia, to investigate the role of digital technologies in anti-government protest under authoritarian rule. In 2020, as a research fellow with the Open Technology Fund, he conducted a 12-month mixed methods research project on the politics behind internet shutdowns in India, which he will continue as per October 2023 as a (parttime) post-doctoral researcher at the University of Amsterdam.

Selected Publications

With Glasius, M., de Lange, M., Bartman, J., Dalmasso, E., Del Sordi, A., Lv. A. & Michaelsen, M., Research, ethics and risk in the authoritarian field. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.