Tom Hoogervorst appointed as adjunct professor at the State University of Malang

Tom Hoogervorst has been appointed adjunct professor at the Department of Indonesian, Faculty of Letters, at the State University of Malang, from September 2022 to 2027. He will serve in this capacity in collaboration with KITLV, where Tom is a researcher since 2015. As adjunct professor, he will give seminars, conduct fieldwork, and collaborate closely with UM’s academic community, in particular on the topics of Javanese linguistics, fieldwork methodology, and late-colonial texts.

Hoogervorst’s research focuses on Malay, Javanese, and a number of other Southeast Asian languages. He has published widely on language history, lexical borrowing, and other contact phenomena. His other research interests include Indian Ocean Studies, late-colonial Malay literature, culinary history, and youth language. Tom has recently authored the monograph Language ungoverned: Indonesia’s Chinese print entrepreneurs, 1911-1949 (2021, Cornell University Press) and co-edited the volume Sinophone Southeast Asia: Sinitic voices across the Southern Sea (2021, Brill).

Photo by Mohammad Zaini.

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