Dutch Commerce and Chinese Merchants in Java: Colonial Relationships in Trade and Finance, 1800-1942

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Trading enterprise figures prominently in Indonesian history. Commercial activities penetrated deep into the economy, politics and society of the former Netherlands Indies. Dutch Commerce and Chinese Merchants in Java describes this, largely forgotten, world of commerce. During the period 1800-1942 this vanished world was, however, bustling. Merchants of very different background and stature cooperated and competed with each other. Trading relations were forged and dissolved, contracts were honoured and broken, fortunes were made and lost. Using unpublished archival sources in Indonesia and the Netherlands Alexander Claver recounts the diverse trading mechanisms, complex credit relations and countless participants involved. How Dutch, Chinese, and Arab traders related to each other in such demanding business environment is the fascinating story of this book. Alexander Claver, Ph.D (2006), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, works at the Dutch Ministry of Defence. He has published articles and reviews on Indonesian and Dutch economic history. Currently, he is researching the history of the vanished Armenian population in Indonesia. E-ISBN: 9789004263239.

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