Nederlands-Indonesisch juridisch woordenboek

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This dictionary has mainly been compiled for Dutch translators, lawyers and others working with Indonesian law. In the colonial era large parts of Dutch law were ‘exported’ to Indonesia. Apart from being a dictionary of Dutch judicial terms, the book aims to give the reader a clear understanding of Indonesian law and tries to make it accessible by way of comparative law. Attention is given not only to modern law, but also to historical aspects. Of the most important legal expressions the history is described. In the model sentences Dutch legal notions are explained in Indonesian and subsequently linked with Indonesian law. Of all Indonesian expressions the more important sources of legislation and literature are given. This dictionary will also be a useful tool for Indonesian lawyers who still stumble across so many Dutch legal expressions in their daily practices. Marjanne Termorshuizen is at present affiliated with the Center for International Legal Cooperation of Leiden University.

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